"Officially known as the “Thunderbolt,” the A-10 supports ground troops by targeting ground armor. A single pilot controls the plane, as well as a massive GAU-8 Gatling cannon and bombing system."
— Vehicle description

The A-10 is a ground attack aircraft featured in WarRock.

A10 WarRock

Main weapon

Automatic cannon

Main weapon ammo


Sub weapon

Unguided iron bombs

Sub weapon ammo







The A-10 is used by both Derbaran and NIU as their ground attack aircraft.

It is armed with an automatic cannon and unguided iron bombs, fullfilling its role as a ground attack aircraft. It also has a decent speed and handling, making it hard to evade incoming missiles and dogfights.

The A-10's automatic cannon is the same as the Rafale, except that the A-10's automatic cannon is noticeably stronger; even a K1A1 tank or a Chinook helicopter can be destroyed with several shots.

The A-10's iron bombs is the most powerful; capable of destroying ground vehicles with a single bomb. However, the A-10's HUD doesn't determine where the bomb will drop.


Because its role as a ground attack aircraft, the A-10 is best used for bombing groups of infantry and vehicles, even you can use it to destroy all kind of anti-air vehicles and emplacements that are threatening you. weakness was a tough Anti-Aircraft weapon like Stinger.


  • Engrene


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