"The Apache is perhaps the most ferocious attack helicopter in use by the military today. Armed with a M230 chain-gun manned by the co-pilot and equipped with a combination of Hellfire and Hydra missiles, the Apache helicopter can quickly dispatch enemy forces on land, sea and in air."
— Vehicle description
Vehicles Apache

1st passenger seat main weapon

Heat-seeking missiles

1st passenger seat main weapon ammo


1st passenger seat sub weapon


1st passenger seat sub weapon ammo


2nd passenger seat main weapon

Chain gun

2nd passenger seat main weapon ammo






The Apache is a helicopter gunship featured in WarRock.


The Apache is used by both the Derbaran and the NIU as their helicopter gunship. It can seat the pilot which controls the heat-seeking missiles and the rockets, and a gunner which controls the chain gun. The Apache has average speed and maneuverability.

The Apache's rockets are highly effective against almost all ground targets, while its heat-seeking missiles is capable of locking on to other helicopters and are effective enough against helicopters, and its chain gun are also highly effective against lightly armored targets.


If you are adept at piloting helicopters, the Apache proves to be a devastating airborne beast that excels in both hunting down helicopters and destroying ground threats, furthermore if assisted by a gunner that allows you to take out lightly armored vehicles with the chain gun.

However, the Apache has one major weakness; its average speed and maneuverability makes it is highly susceptible to enemy anti-air vehicles and emplacements, especially the Oerlikon.


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