"The Chinook is mainly used for troop movement and battlefield re-supply. This helicopter is equipped with an M60 machine-gun and can transport up to eight soldiers at a time. Paratroopers favor this "Flying Fortress" for its immense armor and quick transport capabilities."
— Vehicle description
Vehicles CH47 Chinnok

3rd passenger seat main weapon

Machine gun

3rd passenger seat main weapon ammo






The Chinook is a transport helicopter featured in WarRock.


The Chinook is used by both the Derbaran and the NIU as their heavy lift transport helicopter. It can seat the pilot and seven passengers; one of them, exactly at the third seat, controls a machine gun. The Chinook has slow speed and low maneuverability, but has immense armor.

The Chinook's machine gun is highly effective against infantry and light vehicles.

Another unique ability of the Chinook that passengers on the fourth to eighth seat can use parachutes to descend from the Chinook safely by simply exiting the Chinook while in the air.

Transporting vehicles is not possible but there is a glitch that when he spawns the backdoor opens


Because of its role as heavy lift transport helicopter, the Chinook is best used to transport groups of infantry or rushing towards the enemy's main base. Its immense armor makes enemy anti-air vehicles and emplacements difficult to destroy this flying tortoise.

Take note of its slow speed and low maneuverability, that could be problematic even for skilled helicopter pilots.


  • Engrene
  • Broken Sunset( Cosmetic)



At Broken Sunset

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