Explosives match were one of the Famous matches in WarRock.

How to do itEdit

  1. As you connect at the main Server. Find or Create a room as an explosive match.
  2. Make it in a fair fight,
  3. It was useful for Clan Wars



Defend the Bombsite!

The Famous battle mission. if you play as the NIU Defuse the bomb. as Derbaran Plant at one of the 2 bombsite.

At Vehicle WarFAREEdit

Only was enabled a Seige war when a nuclear base tries to launch a nuclear missile to derbaran country but the Derbaran tries to stop the NIU to launch the missle.

Missions Edit

Derbaran Edit

  1. Destroy the Iron gate to enter the base
  2. Destroy the Generator to enter the inner gate
  3. Destroy the Controllers to Stop the Launch

NIU Edit

  1. Defend the Iron gate
  2. Defend the Generator
  3. Defend the controllers