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A real life Hamina Warship

The Hamina Warship is a destroyer class vessel created in the 1990's by the Finnish Navy. Currently, this boat is only available on Disturm.

Given the fact that the Hamina belongs to the destroyer class of boats, this thing is NOT going to be a nice sight to see when the enemy is piloting it. It has four attack slots available. The biggest threat is the 2nd slot, a high powered cannon. That cannon can kill a tank in 3 hits or less, and is obviously a one hit kill to anybody dumb enough to run into the blast.

Another nice thing about the Hamina is that it has an overpowered Umkhonto missle launcher. This is actually pretty useless since there are only two rafale fighters in Disturm, but nontheless it can kill them quite fast, around 3-4 missles.

The final weapon slot available is a chain gun in the back of the ship just outside of the hangar. This is where players are most vulnerable to attack, since they are in the open. However, one must avoid going into the back since the chain gunis a very powerful weapon against the boats trying to destroy the Hamina (although it will take them a while).

The Hamina is also extremely sturdy, capable of tanking multiple Javelin missles, tank shots. rafale chain gun and missles, and even Mark V grenade rounds all at once. If I were to choose which side would win. it would be the Hamina if the player is very skilled at using it.

There are only there major downsides of using the Hamina. One of them is the Hamina's speed. Despite it being a boat, it is kind of slow, so making sure nobody is around trying to kill the thing while turning it is recommended. Another thing is that when the player is an engineer, and he wants to repair the boat. That player has to be very lucky if the boat is not moving. He/she also has to be on the 4th attack slot in ordet to get on the back.

The biggest downside to the Hamina warship is that the Barrett, NTW-20, and the AW-50F can snipe the pilot or attackers right off. This makes the Hamina unpopular compared to the tanks.

If used right, the Hamina can be a devastating force to be reckoned with.

Trivia Edit

-It can see in Disturm and Fort Island.

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