During an aerial battle over Alberon, two Blackhawk helicopters were separated from the battle and forced down upon a mysterious, uncharted island. The survivors of the crash had to put their differences aside and work together in order to endure the harsh new environment. In order to ward off the boredom of island life, the lost troops created competitions to keep from going insane. After they were rescued, the N.I.U. and Derbaran forces agreed that more formal events would be established on the island christened "Odyssey".



Tips Edit

  1. Use all units to battle in your favor
  2. Use you can play: Boxing, water balloons, derby and racing
  3. Buy Character's item such as snorkel, ducky tube, water ballons as well to fight especially Oddesey Event.

  • Heavy- destroy boats humvees motors and people on land.
  • Sniper- camps on ramps and rocks to kill from long distance
  • Medic, Engineer, Assualt- Battle in CQC

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