Stating right now warrock has it new upgrades 


New in Game Edit

  1. New Maps- Countryside, Malta, Decay, Venezia, DENKMAL, Stadium
  2. New Menu- Room creating, Item shop, Achievement
  3. New event- Big head, Squeaky hammer

Updates During seasons Edit

  1. Summer Summer Events Heat up the players
  • Weapons: Water ballons, Water Bazookas
  • Maps: Odyssey(event), Waterland
  • Characters: Veronica_Bikini, W37_Bikini

2. Halloween

Halloween events spooks you. Good In AI and Explosive

  • Weapons: K400_Pumpkin, HK16,
  • Maps: Bloc(event), Xauen (Event)
  • Characters: Pumpkin head, Bone Gloves

3. Winter


  • Weapons: Snowballs, Xmas Gift, MP5K_Red, Snow weapon packs, red weapon packs
  • Maps: XMarien, XVelruf, XJuifen, Winter RedClover, Winter Forest, Nerbil
  • Characters: W37_Santa, DessertOps_Rudolf, Horn, Mittens, Mask, Nose

4. Valentines

  • Weapons: Vector, K1, Minigun, F2000, Degtyartrov, VSS
  • Maps: Blue Storm(Chocolate)
  • Character: Gina

Log In EventsEdit

Log In events were the events when you do before you find a map to play and can type in chat box or seeing at the left side on the lobby. you need to follow the rules to get the reward.

  1. Lets Play WarRock Today!
  2. RESBAKAN NA!- WarRock PH

Items on Sale Edit

Items on Sale like Gold Pack, Blue Pack, Character pack, Map packs and Channel packs that can be equipped by all classes.

Items can be sold Edit

  1. Gold pack
  2. Blue pack
  3. Character pack
  4. Channel Pack
  5. Country Pack
  6. Map Pack
  7. Seasonal Pack

Log-in Game Edit

Some-items like Medickit, 6th Slot. can be used as random gift as you enter the Lobby. When you log-in you recieve weapons and items

Kill count event Edit

Try to get a certain number of kills to get a

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