The Most Popular in time attack in WARROCK. the modes are easy and hard. in easy you can fight until stage 3 but in hard complete the Level before the time ran out.

Synopsis Edit

In a concentration camp there are 4 Derbaran soldiers were at the NIU POW Camp. the zombies are spreading. 

Pow Camp Stage 4

Tips Edit

Stages: Edit

1. Destroy the AI: Use Assualt to defeat the AI in 299 or 499

2. Hack the Controler for assistance: Press F for hacking the controller to proceed the next stage but it was only defended by bombers.

3. Destroy the Gate: At the picture. destroy the gate to advance at the hidden stage.

Images (7)-0

Jake(Defender) Gold Door OBJECTIVE

AT the gate there are a dozens of zombies and the DEFENDER.

4. Defeat the breaker: The Stage was enable for hardcore players. Defeat the Breaker and win the game mode.

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