The 1st explosive mission in warrock that sets in a nuclear missle base that NIU needs to defend and the Armies fight for the Siege.


The Missile Base

Missions Edit

Missions on the:


  1. Destroy the Iron Gate and Infiltrate the missle base
  2. Destroy the Generator that connects to the Iron Gate
  3. Destory one of the Console to stop missle launch


  1. Defend the Iron gate, block enemy infiltration
  2. Defend the generator and the Iron gate
  3. Defend one of the controllers until missle launch

Tips: Edit

  1. Use the utilizing tow to defend the gate.
  2. Destroy the generator by using heavy weapons
  3. Focus or Defend 1 of the controllers to stop launch

The Famous for old school mission mode.

Synopsis Edit

In mission 1 the Derbaran must destroy the gates while the NIU defend the gates to prevent the DER to Breach. when the DER destroyed the Gates, they proceed to destroy the inner generator to acess the base to the nuclear missile. as the Derbaran Team Entered the Base. the NIU need to defend the Nuclear missile control. when the NIU Defends the Controls the Nuclear Missile launched. If the Derbaran Destroy the Controls. the Nuclear Missle Destroyed.

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