The Tactics or Tips at gaming on Warrock.

Gaming Edit

  • Use better weapons that suit your playing style.
  • The more aggressive you are the faster firing your weapon should be.
  • If you like to rush then do a lot of running. You can run by tapping the move forward button twice (often designated as 'W' in most configurations)
  • Practice to use the class you like best with the weapons you can afford and like well enough to master.

1) Learn to lead your aim. Warrock's bullets travel and take time to hit the enemy, so the further away they are the more allowance you should provide to ensure a likely hit

2) Compensate for bullet drop for enemies at longer ranges if you have enough time to lead your aim. Bullet drop is essentially the mechanic in where projectile start to go down because of gravity. Warrock like battlefield has this feature which is somewhat exaggerated from how a bullet should drop in real life.

  • Get higher levels to get better rewards.
  • Seal club opponents by joining the team with better weapons. With the current meta of web grenades galore and dual aks and what have yous, being on a under-equipped team would only result in you being frustrated. While certainly you could join the weaker team but if you've played this game for over 2 years already and your gameplay has not improved yet then being repeatedly farmed for kills by team stackers would not result to you improving your game.