War Rock (Korean: 워록) (also commonly spelled as WarRock) is a multiplayer first-person shooter made by the South Korean company, Dream Execution. The game is distributed as a Free2Play, a common form of freeware EULA and available through online downloading. Like many games, the North American version hosted by K2Network is considered as the International version as it services both North American and European regions. K2Network also supports community input, as it has a community account known as GamersFirst for online transactions.

Though the game can be downloaded free of charge, WarRock requires online registration. The retail version comes with additional features in comparison to the free version. War Rock has low system requirements compared to other contemporary online first person shooters. This gives the game a wider audience, allowing casual gamers and those who do not follow the latest trends in PC gaming hardware to play.

Gameplay Edit

The game is set in the midst of a nuclear war in the fictional Republic of Derbaran. The location of Derbaran is usually squeezed onto a map of Central Asia between real countries to make it appear more believable. Players select between the two teams and engage in battles using 20th and 21st century military equipment, including a large assortment of infantry weapons and vehicles.

War Rock games are divided into three modes of play: Close Quarters Combat, Urban Ops and Battle Group. These differ in the size of the map, the number of respawns permitted and the availability of vehicles, with CQC being focused on small-scale infantry missions and Battle Group involving huge battlefields with some boats, Humvees, helicopters, and jet aircraft. Objectives in the different game modes include capturing and defending key positions on the map, planting explosives on enemy targets, accumulating points in a team deathmatch-style game or a free for all match. For Urban Ops/Battle Group, there is also Conquest mode, making it necessary for each team to capture all the flags in the map, or whittle down the other team's points by taking flags.

Now it was developed by different developers around the world based by country


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